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Quote of the Day: On Success


When you really REALLY want something and you feel like you are just not getting it, it can be SOOOO frustrating. 

Keep your eye on the prize!

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Quotes of the Day: On Belief Versus Behavior AND On What Others Do


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Amazing Quote of the Day: On What Life is All About…

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Relationship Advice

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What is Success?

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Quote of the Day: Einstein said….

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This is such an awesome post and the picture is just hilarious! If you date on-line or are curious about dating on-line than this is a MUST READ!


Follow these commandments or I shall smite you. Totally kidding, I hardly ever smite anyone.

1. Thou shalt not ever meet for the first time for more than coffee/drinks (i.e. something that thou could potentially get out of ASAP if thou’s date beith a total creeper).

  • When your potential boyfriend asks you what you want to do, repeat after me: “Let’s plan on meeting for coffee/drinks and we’ll go from there.” This last phrase is key because it gives you the power to maximize the efficiency of your dating time. If this boy has no dating potential get the smallest drink you can (i.e. a shot of espresso…or Patron depending on just how bad the next 20 minutes are going to be), down it, cut your losses and go. However, if the guy turns out to be great, fully execute the “we’ll go from there” clause by having a…

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I don’t know why this helped me but it did…




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Quote of the Day: What to Do Before You Say Something:

This is a lovely quote!!!

Once you say something it’s out there, you can’t take it back, so, think before you do it!

From here

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What Firemen Do When They Win the Lottery!

This is such a nice story!!! Some firemen won the lottery and are donating part of their earnings to help another fireman! I always knew I liked fireman!! What an awesome thing to do! How inspiring! I’m glad they won!

Read full article by clicking on the blue below: 

Firefighters donate mega millions winnings to ailing fireman.

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