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Tips For Loving Yourself!

on December 20, 2011
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This article is from Shape Magazine . I have it pasted up in my closet and look at it every morning.

I see so many women (and men too, although it’s less obvious with them) who don’t love their bodies. They look in the mirror and see their flaws. They don’t see how beautiful they are.

But our bodies are so amazing. We need to be grateful for what we have. Everyone has something that is beautiful about their body and they should be proud of it and own it.

Loving your body means eating healthy and exercising as well as positive affirmations. It doesn’t mean you are satisfied with everything or that you can’t better yourself. In fact, making your body more beautiful by dressing it in nice clothes and adorning it with makeup and jewelry (if you are a girl) and feeding it good, healthy food and taking care of it is part of loving it.

Your body is the vehicle for which you live your life. Drive carefully. And read these tips:

Life is short; why spend it bashing your body? If you need help jump-starting your self-acceptance, just read our list of reasons to embrace your body – from head to toe.

 Because it’s unique; no one else has the same one
2. Because it’s capable of extraordinary feats, enabling you to run, climb, jump, lift, squat, snuggle, and spoon
3. Because no matter how badly you treat it, it’s willing to give you another chance
4. Because it’s expressive, telling you how it feels (pay attention!) and broadcasting to others how you feel about it
5. Because, let’s face it, confidence is pretty sexy
6. Because your daughter must learn to love hers
7. Because somebody out there (or many somebodies) admires, covets, and adores it
8. Because you’ll regret not loving it more later

Expert tip: Body confidence isn’t as elusive as you think. Developing it simply requires making small adjustments to your attitude every day. The key is to concentrate on something positive about yourself instead of fixating on your weight or perceived flaws. Ann Kearney-Cooke, author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Body (Atria) uses a golf score counter to tally the times she does something positive for her body. “If I eat fresh fruit,  I click it. If I go for a fast walk to blow off steam instead of diving into a bag of chips, I click it,” she says. “If I’ve accumulated 10 clicks by the end of the day, I’m happy.”


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